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ReachUC for Outlook, Click to Call Feature

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ReachUC provides an Outlook add-in that lets you carry out the following tasks in the convenience of your Microsoft Outlook application:

  • initiate call between your PBX account and phone numbers found in your email or contact list
  • send files as fax messages to fax numbers found in your email or contact list
  • upload your Microsoft Outlook contact to your ReachUC PBX Contacts

Get the Installer

Go to https://www.reachuc.com/extensions/. Click the Outlook image. Save the downloaded file to a local folder.


Extract the application with a .zip extractor. Run setup.exe

Open Microsoft Outlook and ensure that ReachUC is present on the ribbon/tabs.

Set Up Your PBX Account

Below are signs that your set up is successful.

Make Calls

Calls Via Email numbers

Calls Via Contacts/People

Send Fax

Fax Via Email

Fax Via Contacts/People

Go to MS Outlook Contacts/People

Upload Outlook Contact to PBX Contacts

Add to PBX contacts

Go to MS Outlook Contacts/People. Select a particular contact. Right click then click Add to PBX Contacts.

To verify if contact was uploaded, go to your PBX Portal contacts, then go Contacts. Look for the contact you saved from MS Outlook. You may use the search bar to find the particular contact.

Below is an example view that shows the Outlook contact has been successfully upload as PBX Contact.