Hurricanes like the ones that we have seen over the last few months are a constant reminder of how important it is to prepare. If you are in an area where natural disasters are even a possibility, here are a few tips that could save your business someday.

Have a backup location: When it comes to natural disasters, it’s always better to avoid them entirely, don’t you agree? If your business is in an are with potential hurricane risk, it’s important that you try to find a location, preferably over 100 miles away, that you can keep your important backup files. You should be sure that this site is built to withstand hurricane winds up to 160 mph, and that all of your equipment is at least 18 inches off of the ground, in case of flooding. This will ensure the safety of all of your most vital data.

 Set priorities: Obviously there will be some files that are most critical for your business than others. Be sure to set up a backup hierarchy so that the files that are restored first are the ones that you need the most.

Go to the Cloud: The cloud is an amazing tool that allows you to backup all of your files, without having to store them within some kind of hard drive. The cloud is a geo-redundant, high-availability backup server, meaning that you can pull your information from any device, anywhere.

Back-up with photo copies: When saving your files, try to save as much as you can through image-based backup systems. This is a much more reliable way of saving your important documents, which will likely make it much easier when you go back to retrieve them later.