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How to Setup a Ring Group (aka Hunt Group)

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A Hunt Group or Ring Group refers to a method for distributing phone calls from a single DID to a group of several extensions and or external (off-net) numbers.

Note: Simultaneous Ring limit is up 22 devices 

To configure a Hunt Group first create a Routing User. For the purpose of this example, we will assume that we wish to distribute calls to several members of a company’s Sales Department

Edit the User’s Answering Rules

For the routing user, you created, configure a Simultaneous Ring Group that includes all of the extensions and/or off-net numbers that you want to forward the call to. 

Note: The extensions that you input in the Simultaneous Ring Group will be the only ones that will ring upon a call into the ring group. So if the user has 3 devices (i.e. 100, 100a, and 100b) and only input 2 of those into the ring group then the third will not ring.