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Faxing via email is now possible with our email to fax feature.


Set up the desired email address for the user.

Note: Make sure that you only set up the email address on PBX User(s) within a single domain. The fax will fail if our system detects that the email address you are faxing from is assigned to users from different/multiple domains.

Sending an Outbound Fax by Email

Using an email client like MS Outlook, you can send your fax to any 11-digit US number using the format DID@instant-fax.com (eg. 12033045246@instant-fax.com).

Receiving Inbound Fax Notifications by Email

On the Voicemail tab of the user, select the notification method you wish to use, similar to the style you prefer for VoiceMail notifications.

Multiple Attachments

It is possible to attach multiple files in your email to fax.  The files will all be combined into a single PDF document, based on an alphabetical file name sorting.   With this in mind, if you want your cover sheet to be first, name your document file something like 1CoverSheet.doc to ensure its sorted first, followed by other documents you may also have attached.  

The system accepts the following files formats: html; pdf; doc; docx; odt.