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Scheduled CDR Exports

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Scheduled CDR Exports are found in the Reporting Tabs above the CDR and by default are available to Office Managers. Exports can be done at the Domain-Level, or with specific filters.

It is possible to schedule exports from the domain level.

Scheduling Exports

Clicking on the Scheduled Exports will show you a list of exports that are currently set up on the domain or reseller level, in accordance with where you are viewing the page. On this page, you can add new scheduled exports, edit currently scheduled exports, and download previous exports.

Exports over 100 days old are automatically deleted.

Create a new Export

  1. Click on New Export
  2. Create a Descriptive Name for the Export
  3. Select the Frequency of the Export (Monthly, Weekly, Daily, or Custom). When selecting an option other than ‘custom’ the user’s time-zone is used. With weekly and Daily reports, you can also choose to run the report immediately, which is a great way to test.
  4. Select what to do after completion.
    1. Do Nothing allows you to download from the portal after the export is complete.
    2. Email Attachment emails the attachment (using the Voicemail to Email Address).
    3. Upload via FTP or SFTP can upload to your publicly accessible FTP or SFTP folder. The IP address of the upload can vary based on several factors, but you can see our IP addresses and Ports article for full subnets if you want to allow traffic based on source IP.
    4. Choose whether or not to send an email upon completion of the Export.
  5. In the Options tab, Filter based on User, Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls or Off-net calls only.

After the Scheduled Export is created, it may take a few seconds for the export to show up.

Accessing Previous Exports

You can access previous exports for up to 100 days, by clicking on the Download button. On this page, you can download individual exports.

It is not possible to resend exports if they failed due to an FTP/SFTP error, but a new custom export could be created if you need to export a specific range. We always recommend testing upon creation.