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Call Parking with Ringback

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When a parked caller is left in the parking orbit for a specified amount of time, it is possible for the system to return the caller (Ringback) to the person who parked the call.


Calls parked to Queues in the 720-729 range have Ringback enabled. To activate the setting edit the ring timeout for the owner of each park (the user with the extension number of the park) . This is how long the caller will stay parked before the caller is returned to the person who parked the call.

Configuring the Parking Timer for Voice Mail Options

In Call Park Queues that use the range 700-719, the ‘Ring for’ setting will control the time interval between system prompts that allow the caller to leave a voicemail.

Dynamic Parking Configuration

You will still need to create the number of call parking queues you need for dynamic parking in the 701-709 range in order to use the dynamic parking feature.

Star Codes & Parking Functionality

Dynamically Park a Call (in the 701-709 range)

*{parking lot}
Park a Call (to a specified park ext)

Dial 7xx 
Retrieve a parked call in this queue

Transfer a call to a Call Park Queue in the 710-719 Range for Parking without Callback

Transfer a call to a Call Park Queue in the 720-729 Range for Parking with Callback

Note: All call parks MUST be in the 700-729 range to work with the system default settings. If you require a call park orbit with a different extension number, please send a request to the Support team by email to support@NexGenTelecom.net If you wish to use custom call park extensions, Nex Gen Telecom will charge $85 per domain for custom programming.