Do you feel like you waste hours of your week that could’ve been used to accomplish more of your company’s goals? Try using these tips to help increase your productivity and make better use of your company’s time.

Monitor Productivity Levels. Knowing exactly which websites your employees spend the most amount of time on and exactly how much time is spent on each one can help you to manage your company’s time much better. Try using apps like Google Chrome’s RescueTime to get all the necessary data so that you can make the necessary adjustments to increase your productivity.

Get Rid of Clutter. When your workplace seems to overwhelm you and mess with your productivity during the day, it’s time to get cleaned up. First, try deleting any old files or software that you don’t need anymore. Make some organized files to store all your documents so that they aren’t spread all over. You can also use the tools offered from Gmail and Outlook to help filter out any unimportant messages and SPAM.

Block Time-Wasting Sites. Taking the occasional 5 minute break from work may not seem like that big of a deal, but that time adds up. Be sure to monitor your employees’, and your, time on these websites to be sure that you are not spending too much time there. You can use apps like StayFocused and Strict Workflow to limit the amount of time permitted for these websites.

Make To-Do Lists. Instead of constantly giving your employees big projects, break it all down into small, bite-sized tasks. This will help you keep them on track, monitor their progress, and help them to work faster, being able to finish each individual tasks quickly instead of trying to break off pieces of a huge project. Try using Google Tasks or Trello to create a to-do list for each of your employees, as well as yourself.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts. Rather than constantly having to use the toolbars and trying to find the right things to click on your computer every time you want to complete a task, learn the shortcuts so that you can do everything you need without taking your fingers off the keyboard. Use shortcuts like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste, or use Ctrl+Z to undo recent changes. These are only a couple of the shortcuts used by almost every computer program. Search for the other shortcuts on your system and you’ll be surprised at how much time you can actually save.